REDS Racing USA adds full-service warranty repair and RMA system

REDS Racing USA appoints Joe Pharis as Warranty Manager
REDS Racing USA appoints Joe Pharis as Warranty Manager

REDS Racing USA is pleased to announce the appointment of Joe Pharis to manage and oversee the REDS USA Warranty Repair program. REDS Racing is committed to excellence in the RC racing industry and we stand by the quality and precision of the products we bring to the market.

Joe Pharis is a Biomedical Engineer at Trinity Medical Center in Birmingham, AL. He is the lead tech of the Biomed department, which is responsible for all repairs of medical equipment at Trinity Medical Center. In his four years at Trinity Joe has specialized in high level electronic repair of surgical equipment. This experience has given him knowledge of the ins and outs of electronic theory and design. In his spare time he has been an RC racer/enthusiast for many years. Joe is very much looking forward to being able to combine skills from his professional career to his hobby.

In conjunction with the new warranty repair service center, there is now an option in the website profile to manage your purchases and request a warranty repair. For more info please log-into your account and locate the RMA option.

Cole Ogden wins at Southern Nationals!

IMG_20150921_172549Southern Nationals is a wrap. Louisiana treated me well!

The track had to have been the best track anyone has ever raced on. The jumps were huge and track flowed really well. It held together, and traction was awesome!

I took the TQ in pro buggy in the first 2 rounds of qualifying, while struggling with my truggy. I would start in the 5 spot for the main in truggy.

At the start of the 45 minute truck main, I had a clean start with some very close racing. I made a small mistake that dropped me back a couple spots, only then to get sent off the track the next lap, thanks bro. I was sent all the way to 13th and was very close to being lapped. I put my head down and fought back to 2nd. I was turning fast laps and got the lead down to 6 seconds to finish 2nd behind Joe Bornhorst who was on cruise control. Congrats dude!


In buggy, the start was a toss up…..people were switching spots and wrecking everywhere. I cased the back double and lost the lead to Lutz on the first lap. Only to regain it after dodging a wreck on the front straight. I continued to stretch my lead and lapped the field at about 20 minutes. Around that time, I  made small mistake and flipped upside down, the marshall slipped and almost fell on my car but stuffed my pipe in the process. Flammed out, got refired and got back on the track right in front of the epic 2nd place battle between J.R. and Joe. I maintained a good lead til the finish to take the win!

Successful and very fun weekend of racing with friends. Had good times on and off the track. Now onto the Byrons race this weekend in Nebraska! Thanks to all my sponsors for their support, couldn’t do it without you!

TLR, REDS, JCONCEPTS, BYRON FUELS, AIRTRONICS, HORIZON HOBBY, ONPOINT RC, OGIO, and special thanks to my dad and Casey Wilson for the pit help!

Engine Setup:

R5T Team Edition

Header REDS XS

Pipe REDS 2104

Insert REDS 6.5mm


Clutch REDS 2xC and 2xA on low setting

Clutch Bell Losi 13 teeth

Fuel Byron World Blend

Fuel Stop: 9:00 min

Scott Furtado Melts Down in CT

DRIVER: Scott Furtado

Scott Furtado
Scott Furtado

This past weekend I attended a trophy race at RC Madness in Enfield, CT called the  Off-Road Melt Down. The Madness crew had just put down a fresh layout which consisted high flying jumps, off cambers, and elevation changes. This had to be the best layout they had done this year.  The weather forecast had called for heavy rain that day so many racers didn’t make the drive down, but we did.  There were only around 65 entries total and the weather held off.  We were able to to run 3 qualifiers and the mains before the rain came.

In qualifying  I was able to TQ all 3 rounds of 1/8 Ebuggy, and in 1/8 Nitro buggy I ended up qualifying in the 3rd spot. In the 10 minute Ebuggy main  I was able to lead all 19 laps and took the overall win. In the 20 minute Nitro main, I had worked my way into the lead and due to an unexpected pit stop I was still able to take 2nd overall.

 Overall I had a good weekend and my Kyosho Mp9e was equipped with a REDS V8 1900kv. My  Kyosho Mp9 TKI3 was equipped with a REDS R5T Team Edition motor and a REDS 2104 pipe. Both cars ran perfect all day.